Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ChemE Jan 07 Picnic

Copy Paste from Raj announcement in Google Group...
Good Afternoon everyone :) Today, Madiah.Rufi,Fauzi and I have discussed about the details of the picnic...We have came up with some fun and interesting activities that will be held during the picnic. As i mentioned before, We have fixed the date and time for our picnic...The details are as follows:

                                 DATE: 20th NOVEMBER 2009
                                 TIME: 6.30AM-3PM
                                 FEE: RM 3.00 per person

Please be informed that we are leavin from UTP at sharp 6.30am.Transport is on ur own and Hazwan will arrange the transport for guys whereas for the girls Madiah will be responsible....Everyone has to gather at the entrance of UTP by 6.30 am sharp.However,I need ur confirmation whether or not you guys will be able to make it for the picnic by tonight....I will be responsible of getting the confimation for the guys whereas for the girls please refer to Rufi.I hope everyone can make it as it will be our final outing together as a batch for this semester,so dont miss this chance....hehehe :)Please be reminded that We will be charging RM 3.00 per person for the picnic.Herewithin i attach the tentative and the flow of event(subjected to change)...the finalized tentative will be post by tonight.

6.30am-7.30am         Departure to Teluk Batik
7.30am-8.00am         Breakfast (Fried Bee Hoon with Syrup)
8.00am-9.00am         Telematch (Sukaneka)
                                -Cari Gula-Gula
                                -Masuk air dalam botol
                                -Belon Air
                                -Susun Barang
                                -Sand Art
9.00am-11.00am       Other Games
                                -Baling selipar(Macam kayu tiga yang kita main dulu-dulu masa zaman sekolah)
                                -Dodge Tennis ball
                                -Galah Panjang
                                -Volleyball(if at all there is net then we play)
11.00am-2.00pm        -Lunch(On ur own)-will not be provided...huhu :(
2.00am-evening         -Relax and appreciate the mother nature..haha :D....if u guys wanna stay longer till the evening is better la....cuz of sunset

Things to be brought:-

1)Alatan Solat
3)Toiletries (if wanna take bath after the games)
4)Extra Clothes

I hope the picnic will be a success and hope to see each and everyone of u during the picnic.Feel free to drop any suggestions here because i am really looking foward for some interesting activities.REMINDER: Confirmation by tonight...Confirm here in GG....Your Cooperation is highly recommended.Thanx.

beliamuda: please refer to GG for further update~ (^_~)v

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