Sunday, January 3, 2010


UTP-Tronoh- MPPUTP has conducted their first meeting with Dr Subramanian the representative of UTP clinic (hereinafter called UTP Health Centre) and also Mr Faizal, the representative of Student Support Services Department to discuss the quality of the clinical service.
The meeting was held earlier before the new semester begins in order to provide the good clinical service to students when they go back to UTP. Through the meeting, MPPUTP arise some problems that confronted by students before this such as the unavailability of doctor, service provided and etc.
MPPUTP also express warm welcomes to the new operating Health Clinic, Klinik Che Wan which has replaced the service of Ar-Ridzuan.
“InsyaAllah through the co-ordination meeting with the clinic representative recently, UTP students will get the better service this year. If there is still any problem occur regarding the UTP Health Centre, Welfare Department of MPPUTP will be 24hours on-call to serve for students,” told Mr Wan Ibrahim, EXCO I of Welfare Dept MPPUTP to the UTPress team.
Below is the latest information regarding the UTP Health Centre:
Universiti Teknologi Petronas Health Centre
UTP Health Centre welcomes you to the new operating Health Clinic - KLINIK CHE WAN. UTP Health Clinic is located at Pocket C, Academic Complex and has commenced its operation on 1st October 2009. The Director of the clinic, Dr. Subramanian believes the clinic will bring a new look to university and to provide the best quality service to customers.

Guidelines and Ethics dressed in Health Centre
- Office Hours: Compulsory wearing the rules stipulated in the Universiti Teknologi Petronas
- Flexibility: Wearing sports clothes, t shirt collar, long track pants, white gloved feet, and sport shoes.
- Non-Office Hours: Modest clothing and not allowed to wear pants or short skirts.
- Exemption for Emergency Cases (after 11.00pm only)
It is expected that all students can comply with the guidelines that have been given so that the treatment can go well.

More from Health Centre
- Students must get diagnosed before qualifying for any medicine. Any personal causes will not be entertained.
- Students may refer to SSSD office to seek for transport in case of having personal treatment outside, with endorsed document 3 days in advanced.
- Students must aware of Clinic’s Policy in issuing MC.
The details of this clinic are as followed:
Days operated: Monday- Sunday
Time operated : 24 hours (Emergency after 11.00pm)
Contact number : 012-5126266/05-3667200
Charges : Free except for special cases (Upon request. For more info, student may
direct to the counter)
Any critical cases will be referred directly to the nearest hospital (HOSPITAL BATU GAJAH).
If there is any problems or reports regarding to the UTP health clinic do contact us the Welfare EXCO of SRCUTP 09/10 at 013-4745300(Wan Ibrahim) and 019-5426607 (Nur Syafiqah)

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